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How does the Québec Health Record function?

Access to information

Who has access to the information gathered by the Québec Health Record?

Only authorized people may consult the Québec Health Record (QHR).

The Act respecting the sharing of certain health information identifies the people who may be authorized to consult the information collected by the QHR.

These people are:

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, midwives, medical archivists, biochemists, auxiliary nurses, microbiologists, medical and pharmaceutical residents and interns, as well as people who have the role of giving technical support to doctors and pharmacists.

These people must obtain the access rights which authorize them to consult the QHR. Those rights are defined by the Minister.

The access rights define the information that may be consulted. Certain authorized people have access only to part of the information collected by the QHR, while others have access to all of the information.

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How do authorized people get access to this information?

Authorized people must follow a strict procedure to gain access to the information. To do so, they must in fact:

Accès aux renseignements

Can I consult the information concerning me?

Yes. If you are over 14 years old, you may receive a copy, upon request, of the health information concerning you that is accessible via the QHR. Charges may apply. 

Consult the section Right to consult information concerning me

May I know who has had access to my information?

Yes. Each time that information concerning you is consulted or new information is added, the identity of the person who consults the information is automatically recorded. Therefore, nobody can access your information without being traced. You have the right to obtain a list of the people who have accessed your information. Consult the section Right to know who has consulted information concerning me