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What is the Québec Health Record ?

The Québec Health Record in short

An Initiative of the Quebec Government

The Québec Health Record, or QHR, is a Quebec Government initiative to improve the quality of care and the efficiency of the Quebec health system by computerization.

A tool for health professionals

The QHR is a tool available to doctors and Quebec health professionals. With the QHR, the authorized people can see, on a computer screen, the information which will permit them to intervene more rapidly and more efficiently.

A highly-secure technological environment

The QHR is a highly-secure technological environment which permits the collection, conservation, and consultation of certain health information. Wherever they are in Quebec, authorized health professionals would have access to this information.

Good news for everyone

The QHR is progressively put in place in all regions of Quebec since the summer of 2013. It's good news for you and those close to you since all people who are registered to the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) will be able to appreciate the advantages of the QHR as health care facilities and clinics become connected.

It's also good news for health professionals who will be able to rapidly and easily access reliable, up-to-date information about their patients.

Do not confuse the Québec Health Record with: