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Your rights

Right to opt out

The Québec Health Record (QHR) is very useful in helping health professionals give you the right medical aid, especially in emergency situations. You are nonetheless free to participate or not.

Should you choose to opt out from the QHR, you must contact us by using one of the following methods. Have your health insurance card in hand.

Should you choose to opt out by telephone or internet, you will immediately receive a confirmation. Should you choose to opt out by mail, a confirmation will be mailed to your last address known by the government health insurance system (RAMQ).

Your personal health information will not be accessible after you have chosen to opt out. If an authorized individual tries to access your information, the system will simply indicate that you have declined to participate and none of your personal health information will be revealed.

If you choose to opt out, you can decide when to end your opting out period. If you provide an end date, all of the information gathered before this date will be kept secret. The authorized professionals will only be able to consult information gathered after the end of your opting out period.

If you do not supply an end date, your opting out will be permanently recorded, unless you decide to cancel it or supply an end date.


Your refusal to participate will prevent the communication of personal information. However, personal information will be collected and stored by the QHR in highly secured data banks even after opting out. Certain pieces of information could be used for analysis and research. In this case, it would not be possible to link the information used to a particular individual.

Minors and incapacitated adults

Only a parent, a legal guardian or another parental authority can opt out on behalf of a child who is under 14 years of age.

Only a legal representative (guardian or authorized representative) can opt out on behalf of an incapacitated adult.